Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Take 1 and Take 2

Monday was a random holiday here (Marine Day), and Jon, Georgia and I decided to make use of the nice weather & the day off work to go the beach!

First, we went to a pool separated from the ocean by rocks. Check it out...

Take 1:

This place is just minutes away from Samuraihama Elementary School, where I went for the very last time on Friday.

Take 2 of the ocean pool:

We didn't get more than just our feet wet since it became overcast and the water was FREEZING. But we stayed for a little while before driving further up the coast to Taneichi Beach, which is by far the nicest beach in our area. It's about 45 minutes away from Kuji, but it's totally worth the drive because the beach actually has sand. :) Since the sun came out, we got in the (again, FREEZING) water to jump waves.

Later on, while lying out on the sand (yay for sand!), we heard "Auld Lang Syne" being played over the intercom...on repeat! It must have played about 10 times. So random.

Or so we thought. My English conversation class informed me tonight that "Auld Lang Syne"--"the goodbye song"--being played over and over means that it's closing time. Hmmm...well, that explains why we pretty much had the beach to ourselves once the song stopped playing, haha.

On Tuesday, I taught at Ube Elementary for the last time. At the end of day, I said goodbyes for about 30 minutes before I finally left, but it wasn't sad, as you can tell from the pictures...

Take 1:

The entire school came out to the lobby to wish me farewell...over and over again. (kind of like "Auld Lang Syne," they were on repeat mode!)

Take 2:

After every single student gave me a high-five, they went outside to make a tunnel, using their arms for me to walk under...all the way from the front door of the school to my car!

After another round of high-fives, some hugs and some more pictures, I finally drove away...and was chased down the driveway by students yelling "BYE BYE DANA SENSEI!!!" Mercy.

That brings us to today...

I had to say goodbye to Yamane Jr. H.S. at a farwell ceremony that had for me. The principal gave a speech (in English!), then the students took turns speaking, then it was my turn to say a few words. (in both English and Japanese). They gave me a little photo album of pictures and messages, as well as a sign with my name on it in kanji. Then I played a little concert for them.

Take 1:

That's the principal giving me bunny ears! Ah, I'm really going to miss him.

Take 2:

My turn to give him (sideways) bunny ears. :)

So that's what's been going on for the last few days. I haven't been bored, that's for sure!


Lauren said...

That is sad that you had to say goodbye to your favorite school, but I know you have many good memories of them!!!

Lannie said...

I went to the beach on Sunday to celebrate as well, however it was REALLY hot! So the water felt great, you had to run to the water the sand was so hot. I got a wicked sunburn, because Japanese sunscreen washes off in the water X( Send me your address so I can mail you your stuff!

Anonymous said...

Reminbs me of when I left. All the schools made sayonara ceremonies for me and they all made me cry T_T