Sunday, July 25, 2010

"Shake it like a polaroid picture..."

This weekend I went to the annual ALT sayonara party, where we stayed in cabins in Yamada, just like last year.

I admit that I didn't take many pictures while I was there. However, I did "shake it like a polaroid picture," (a line from the song "Hey Ya") which is one of many tunes I danced to last night. :)

Before the late night dancing, I did lots of socializing, lots of eating of delicious grilled foods (and s'mores, yay!), and spent the afternoon at the beach, which I do actually have a photo of...

Yuka and me in our summer beach attire. :)

As expected, the water was very cold. But also as expected, I had a good time hanging out with friends...even the part when I was thrown in the water and one of the guys put mud on my back and seaweed in my hair.
(I retaliated by splashing. And sadly, it was not very effective.)

Today, we took our time driving back to Kuji, stopping at the Mos Burger--a Japanese fast food chain--where I ordered a seafood sandwich made with a rice bun...

This was a first for me. Very tasty!

From Mos Burger, we went to Baskin Robbins, (I highly recommend the Hawaiian Crunch flavor & Love Potion) and then we stopped at a really pretty overlook area...

Walking down to the lower platform...

This week, the sayonara parties continue as I'm down to only 12 more days left in Kuji.

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