Thursday, February 7, 2013

New year, new name, new life!

My new life as Dana Lawson started on New Year's Day, when I woke up thinking, "Whoa. I'm getting married today!?!  Let's get this party started!"

I really wasn't at all stressed or nervous -- just excited as I anticipated 4:30 p.m., when I'd walk down the aisle with my dad at Siesta Key Chapel.

Dad and I had a nice walk on the beach the morning of my wedding--just like old times.  Both of my parents had given me beautiful hand-written cards for my wedding day, with priceless messages of love and encouragement.  Their cards were actually part of a box of cards and letters that my wonderful sister (and Maid of Honor) Deanne surprised me with when I woke up on January 1st.

I want to give a great big heart-felt THANK YOU to everyone who contributed to this special gift.  These mean the world to me, and I will truly treasure them always. :)

Of course, I will also always have the precious memories from January 1st as well. I'm so glad I have soooo many photographs from the day to help me always remember. I've posted some photos on facebook (and will try to post them on the right side of this blog, too). Between all the pictures that my photographer took and all the pictures that my brother Derek took, I probably have enough to create about 20 albums! haha.

My favorite pictures are the ones where people are either A.) Laughing or B.) Smiling real big!
Because overall, it was such a FUN day from start to finish, and I think these photos capture that:

First of all, I LOVE this girl!!  Deanne, you're the best sister a girl could ever ask for! ♥

We had a blast getting ready for the day, while the Rose Bowl parade played on TV in the background...

My absolutely gorgeous sister-in-law Brittney and cousin Cara

                                                "It's a little hard to breathe here!...*gasp*"
P.S. Thank you, Sarah, for helping me get ready and doing a fabulous job on my hair!

                                                Ok, so I admit, this picture was totally posed.

But this picture was totally NOT posed!  (The elevator was taking a million years, and it was
hilarious.)  And neither was this one...

                                                            Silly veil, stay on my head!

After a courtyard photoshoot, we got in a limo(!)*, and headed to the chapel, to (not-so) patiently wait our grand entrances....

*The limo was all Johnny's idea

And finally, the moment(s) I'd been waiting for...

Just pronounced husband and wife!

And then we entered our reception as husband and wife... :)

Woot woot!

                                                                 Flowers in the air!

We had sooo much fun dancing!  It was hilarious when Michael did the tango with Johnny--I love Stephen's expression in the background. :)

Overall, the whole day was great!   I definitely felt God's presence the whole time, and I had so much fun!  It turned out exactly how I'd hoped for and planned for, so I couldn't be happier with how everything went on my wedding day.  Thank you again to our wonderful family and friends for your tremendous love and support!