Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Farewell speech

On Monday night, Nate and I had a goodbye dinner with Kuji City officials and co-workers from the Board of Education.

We were both given flowers and yukattas. (a summer version of a kimono, worn at festivals)

Sporting our new outfits.

A full-length shot. My yukatta kind of goes with the carpet, haha.

With the Kuji City Mayor.

Nate and I also gave speeches in Japanese. Here's the English version of my speech...

Good evening, everyone.

Before I moved to Kuji two years ago, I didn't know much about Japanese culture. I didn't know anyone in Japan. I didn't know any Japanese - other than "konnichiwa," "arigatou," and "Onaka peko peko. (" I'm hungry. ") Isu creamu wa arimasuka?" ("Do you have ice cream?")

I told my family and friends in Indiana, "Don't worry about me in Japan. I know how to ask for ice cream, so I'll be fine!" :) But I still think they worried about me moving to the other side of the world. They said, "Two years is a long time!"

But the past two years have gone by very fast! That's because they've been a wonderful two years. Of course there have been challenges, but the last two years have mainly been full of great times, interesting experiences and fantastic memories.

Now, I can say that I've learned a lot about this interesting country, and I've shared my experiences with friends and family in America through my blog.

Now, not only do I know people in Japan, I have many good friends here. Japanese people are so friendly, and I've felt very welcomed in Kuji since day one.

Now, my Japanese has come a long way since when I first arrived and pronounced Iwate as "I wait."

Now, I consider Japan my home. I'm still not exactly sure what the future holds for me, but I know that I want to keep traveling and keep having great experiences learning about other cultures. I also know that no matter where I go, Japan will always have a special place in my heart, as will the people of Kuji City.

Thank you, everyone, for helping make me feel so at home these past two years. I appreciate it so much.

I originally had my speech written in Japanese to post here just for fun, but Blogger or this computer?, decided to automatically translate it to "English." (You'll see in a second why I have to put quotes around that.)

So now just for kicks, this is what happened when my speech was translated by the computer...(It makes me chuckle because this is sometimes how people here talk to me when they've used a Japanese to English on-line translation site.)...

Everyone, good evening.

I knew almost nothing about Japanese culture until two years ago to Kuji.
Japan did not even know.
Japanese know that "Hello" "Thank you" "I'm starving" "Do I have ice cream" was just.

My family and friends in Indiana in Japan that I do not worry.
I learned how to ask where the ice cream'll be OK! Communicated with.
Still, everyone, "I'm a long two years," I was concerned that going and going halfway around the world.

But two years went too quickly.
Surely it would be very nice for two years.
There was also difficult, of course, still had a great time the last two years a lot of wonderful memories and stuffed enjoyable experience.

I am now and learned a lot Iemasu to this interesting place called Japan.
And we share this great experience with my family and friends in the U.S. through my blog.

The cut of a good friend you know too many people in Japan.
Japanese people are so kind, I felt strongly that everyone is welcome since it first came to Kuji.

I also Japanese, "Iwate" the "I wait" has improved compared to the first Oita Japan had been pronounced.

Japan is my second home.
What are what the future holds for me, but I still do not continue to travel in the future and would like to continue to go through a wonderful experience different cultures.
The Kono先 wherever you go with me, Japan, and everyone will continue to reign Kuji best seat in my heart.

We thank you for giving me a comfortable environment for treating as if they were the last two years.
Everyone, thank you very much.

Yep. Kuji continues to reign the best seat in my heart alright. :) haha


Lauren said...


I can't believe you will be leaving so soon! I am so glad I got to visit you while you were over there!

I love the kimono it looks great on you!

Hope all is well with you!

Jennifer said...

Hey gorgeous!! You look great in your new attire.

Your speech was interesting to read...especially after your computer translated it. :)

You insprie me!!

grace.howell said...

Your speech was ambitious to give in Japanese, I think. Good job Dana-chan! Enjoy your small amount of time left.