Friday, March 27, 2009

Pictures of posters we can learn from

Because of the poster that I wrote about last time, I now know what to do if there's ever a tsunami. Run for my life!!

The "tsunami poster" was just the first in a collection of amusing posters that I'd like to share with you. Through illustrations (since I don't understand the Japanese words, even though I'd really like to and I'm really trying), I've interpreted some pretty interesting messages...

Exhibit A: Love is eating sushi and rice with your family.

What a charming little (Japanese?) family. They all look so cute and happy. But incidentally, not very Japanese.

Exhibit B: Eat a balanced meal. Or better yet, balance your meal. Like Pikachu does.

After all, who doesn't want to be like the little monster Pikachu from Pokemon?! Right? Right??

Exhibit 3: If you don't have good oral hygiene, flying teeth will take you away.

What a great way to make kids want to brush their teeth...or a great way to give them nightmares.

Exhibit 4: Be aware of mad cow disease...or at least mad cows.

I honestly have no idea what the message of this poster is supposed to be. There's a lot of reading to do here. All I know is that on the right side near the middle is one upset cow! The milk bottle is also pretty scary. (More scary than pretty.) His name is apparently Mr. Milk since that's how he's labeled -- the only English on the entire poster, by the way.

Exhibit 5: This is NOT a harmonious sign.

Enough said.

And finally, here is my very favorite poster. I've saved the best for last...

Exhibit 6: Just say No!!!!!!!!! to drugs

Here's a close-up of why you should stay far away from drugs:

So to review, here's what we've learned from the posters that are in Kuji's junior high schools:

Eat a balanced meal -- like sushi and rice -- with your family. Brush your teeth afterwards. Be kind to cows; they're temperamental. But most important of all, say (or scream) No!!!!!!!!! to drugs.

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Lauren said...

These posters were very funny! I enjoyed them very much! The funny thing is I woke up laughing because I was thinking about them! No Joke!
Love you

Dawn said...

Hilarious posters - very funny. Nice to read first thing in the morning - LOL - already had a good laugh for the day.

I am starting to think you are trying to keep your friends all healthy by giving them a good laugh occasionally. (joking)

4 days to my vacation - YAY

Anonymous said...

Dana, the posters are funny! Thanks for sharing them. I especially liked your captions!!!


Jennifer said...

Are pokeman a big thing in Japan?

Loving you!