Saturday, March 14, 2009

Happy White Day!

I have no idea why it's called White Day, but that's what day it is in Japan.

As I've written before, March 14th is when guys give gals chocolate and other sweets. February 14th, Valentine's Day, is when gals give guys chocolate. Both are very commercialized holidays.

Here's a look inside the stores...

The ribbon was red for Valentine's Day, but now there's blue ribbon for White Day. Hmm.

Just like for Valentine's Day, there are beautful displays of chocolate...

Mayla, Liz and I got lots of sweets from the guys in the office yesterday. The individually wrapped cookies I got from the Superintendent were packaged beautifully...

So what am I doing on White Day? Nothing at all romantic, haha. This morning I went to the graduation ceremony at Mugyo, and tonight a bunch of ALTs are getting together to have a going away party for Jesse. Should be fun!

* * * *
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Wendy City said...

white day -- how funny! ^^*

Lauren said...

I wish we had white day!!! I bet you loved getting treats from the guys in the office!!!
Love you!

Dawn said...

The white days sounds neat - though I do wonder why a blue ribbon on white day. If you find out the reason, let us all know. Off to read your other blog on Keep Shining...the cookies looked good.