Thursday, March 19, 2009

A new 'do

Change can be good. :)

With the change of seasons (hallelujah, it's spring!!), I was ready for a hairstyle change, too.

So I went with my friend, Ayaka, to the place where she gets her hair cut. I've never had someone who doesn't speak English cut my hair, so I figured this could be interesting. I wasn't sure what to expect. But I'm happy with how it turned out!

Here are the before and after pictures...

I'm not so sure about the bangs, which is why I pinned them back. I didn't ask for bangs. When the scissors snipped away my hair in the front, I thought, Oh ok, I guess I have bangs now. Whatever.

I was loving her skirt, by the way. :) I also adored the nice scalp massage I got as part of the shampooing!

Immediately after the cut, Ayaka and I went to Crepe House Sweets to show off my new 'do, haha. The super sweet crepe lady practically squealed, "Kawaiiiiiii!!" (Kawaii means cute, so that was a good sign!) The customers--all girls--joined in with "Kawaiii!" There was one guy in the place, but I think all the girly "hair talk" scared him off! Poor guy.

Ok, that's enough "hair talk." Enjoy the nice, spring weather!


Dawn said...

If it wasn't for the bangs, we practically got the same hair cut - LOL - that's funny. I always get mine cut in the spring - just had it done a little earlier so I'd have a nice new haircut before vacation. Thanks for the info on the cup.

Lauren said...

I absoultly love your hair!!! You look so cute!!! Not like you didn't before LOL!!! Good choice on the style!!!!
Love ya!

Jennifer said...

Kawaii... very cute!!! I am getting my hair cut in May! I can't wait. I straightened my hair a while back and got lots of funny reactions. I can't wait until the next reactions in May. I love it!

Anonymous said...

You're beautiful in any haircut, Dana! Love you!

Stacie Ruth said...

It's Stacie who left the "anonymous" comment. I'm still sorta sick I guess. Sorry for the anonymity!! :o)

The Princess said...

Hey Sweetie, you look so adorable in your the way you pin up your fringe. You look Kawaii!! Yup, you're right, change can be a good thing. I admire your courage!

Wendy City said...

Cute hair!! I am loving it short!

Wendy City said...

Oh, and I thought I'd add that if they cut bangs on me I would have freaked out...all the Korean women here have bangs but it just does not suit my face!! :)

I admire your courage!!