Sunday, March 1, 2009

Happy March First!

Hello there, marvelous month of March! It's so nice to see you. :)

Spring may not officially be for another 20 days yet, but in my mind, March equals springtime. Change is in the air. I feel it.

Thus, the snowflake decorations in my apartment have come down, and the bunnies/butterflies/flowers/all other things springy and pastel-colored have gone up.

And in the office, the construction paper snowmen that dangled from the lights for a few months have now been replaced by shamrocks.

The Kuji City Board of Education Decoration Committee strikes again!

It's not just the spreading of springtime cheer and sunshine that have made it a good weekend. Yesterday morning, Liz and I spent time coloring with the cute kids at preschool--which of course is always fun!

Nice dinosaurs you have there, Keigo. :)

Then in the afternoon, we walked around the little festival that was literally right outside our apartment building. There were lots of people around (some of my students were shouting, "Dana Sensei!"), several food booths and folks playing funky beats on drums...

This little guy even got in on the drumming action.

I'm still not exactly sure why there was a festival. At first I thought it was a hina matsuri (doll festival) in celebration of "Girl's Day," which is this Tuesday. But according to a couple of reliable sources, it was in fact not a hina matsuri.

Stay tuned to learn more about that; I have a collection of doll photos to share with you next time!


Lauren said...

I am so ready for Spring as well. When I was at home this weekend I wanted my mom to get out the spring stuff but she said it was too early :(
Love you!

Dawn said...

Random festivals - I could get into that. I'll go with your feeling of Spring - it's more than welcome after this brutal winter.

Jennifer said...

What a fun place to live...having festivals all the time...for maybe no special reason but to have fun. :) It reminds me of the summer/early fall in Madison. That seems to be a happening time and a happening of a few reasons I really like it.
Happy 3rd of March!!