Monday, March 23, 2009

Growing up and moving on

It seems too early in the year to be attending graduation ceremonies, but that's what I've been doing recently.

Last weekend, I went to the ceremony at Mugyo Jr. High, and a few days ago, I attended the most adorable preschool graduation ever. :)

Instead of wearing caps and gowns, the graduates just wear formal clothes. At Mugyo, they wore their school uniforms. And at the preschool, all of the boys had on suits that made them look like little men. So cute!

At one point during the preschool graduation, the background music was an instrumental version of "Jingle Bells." I have no idea why. It made me chuckle though.

After the presentation of diplomas, the former preschoolers sang their little hearts out about being excited for first grade. Then, they marched out, under a tunnel formed by teachers (including Liz and me.) In one of the classrooms, we gave each graduate a handshake, a flower and a "Congratulations!" ("Omedeto!")

I love this kid! I'm excited that he'll be one of my first grade students at Kuji Elementary School next month. Peace. :)

At both graduation ceremonies I went to, the graduates performed. The preschoolers sang, and the junior high students played instruments.

Although I didn't go the graduation at Kuji Elementary School, I got a sneak peak of the 6th grade's graduation song when I taught there a few weeks ago. I took a video of their practice because I thought it sounded really good! Check it out...

After attending the preschool graduation, Liz, Jemma, Mayla and I had a girls' weekend. We went to a lake a few hours away--where there was snow! Eeps. (Click here to see some pictures that I took at the lake.) I'll add more photos to the sight-seeing album later. Sayonara for now!


Wendy City said...

The little ones are sooo cute! And that song is lovely! ^^*

Dawn said...

The boys did look like little men - thought any child in formal clothing looks too cute. Hopefully you'll still be the teacher to most of them so you won't miss them.

lauren said...

That is so cool that you got to go to their graduation and know that you taught those students!!! Keep up the good work!!!
Love you

Carrie said...

Dana, I really like the picture of you and the pre-schooler. You look great in your new hair cut!

Jennifer said...

Cute, cute, cute!
How old are the kids there when they start preschool? I take it that preschool is the same a Kindergarden..?
Do you know any of the words to the song played on the video...what am I thinking you probably know them seem fluent to me. :)
Lots you of love to my love!!!