Saturday, March 7, 2009

My very first snowboarding experience

Despite the spring mindset that I've had recently, I went snowboarding today!

I agreed to go on this day trip--with Jemma and a group from her office in Noda--a few weeks ago. At that time, there was lots of snow in Kuji and snowboarding seemed like a very appropriate thing to do.

But I'm glad that I tried out this winter sport today because it was a lot of fun! I'm even more glad that I don't have any injuries to tell you about. :)

Here's a recap of the day:

After the two-hour bus ride to the slopes, we went to the ski/snowboard rental shop and got our gear.

Then, we went to the base of the mountain, and had snowboarding lessons for beginners. That would be me. This was Liz's second time to snowboard, and Jemma's millionth time or something like that; she's pretty much a pro!

This is what the slope (I eventually went down!) looked like.

After the morning lesson, we went inside the lodge for lunch. Of course I have a picture to show you of the food. :)

Curry and rice! Yay, one of my favorites! I'd never had it with fried pork before. Also served were green tea, a salad, miso soup and apple slices.

After that feast, I was having a hard time just bending over to put my feet in the straps on the snowboard! So full, but so content. :) I managed, though, and finally rode the lift to the top of the slope, where I sat down with my beginners' class for a few last instructions. It might have helped if they had been in English! Then we were free to slide...err..fall...down.

One of the instructors, named Ken, singled me out (maybe because I kept screaming?), and I basically had private lessons from then on!

Ken was super cool and definitely deserves the "Extreme Patience Award."

Because of the balance involved, snowboarding reminds me of surfing. Also, it looks much easier than it is! Here's the one and only "action shot" of me up on the board...

Similarly, there's only one picture of me up on a surfboard. And here it is (from two years ago)...

I've got the pictures and the memories of these attempts at boarding, and I'm satisfied with that. :)


Lauren said...

I am so proud of you for going snowbording!!! I would have been scared to death! My brother goes all the time and says it get easier each time you go just like with anything!!!
Love you!

Dawn said...

Hey proud to hear about the snowboarding adventure - and cool to know you also tried surfing. I would have refused to go down after being up - even if they got me up - since I'm terrified of heights.

Jennifer said...

You are one brave chic! I admire you for trying so many new things...that can be soooo scary at times.

Looks like loads of fun!