Wednesday, March 25, 2009

In case of a tsunami...RUN!!

Because of Japan's location, earthquakes and tsunamis happen sometimes.

Most of the earthquakes are small rumblings that shake things up for a few seconds, but don't do any damage. I've experienced three little earthquakes since I've lived here. No one treats them like a big deal.

Whenever there is a large earthquake in the ocean, then there's the possibility that it could cause a tsunami. Tsunami (津波) is a Japanese word that means "harbor wave." Besides earthquakes, underwater volcanic eruptions and coastal landslides also cause tsunamis. To read more about tsunamis, click here.

I know what a tsunami is, but what steps should I take in order to be safe if one occurs? Well, I don't have to wonder anymore. Luckily, there's an illustration that shows me exactly what to do...

I should literally take the steps! Actually, I should bolt up the steps in a panic.

While there's nothing remotely funny or cute about a tsunami, this cartoonish poster makes me chuckle every Tuesday when I see it at my dance practice. I guess it's the stick man flying up the stairs with what looks like sweat coming off of his head that gets me every time. But I know that If I ever saw an actual tsunami, I would be scared for sure! It would be serious.

Seeing this poster made me wonder how common tsunamis are in Kuji. According to Yamadate, the last major one was nearly 50 years ago. Whew, sigh of relief. However, scientists have predicted that there will be a major earthquake and tsunami in the area sometime within the next 30 years. Yipes. At least the city can get prepared for it.

When I was driving along the coast recently, I immediately noticed the abnormally high waves crashing against the rocks....

Guess what picture I had in my mind when I saw this? Yep, the image of "the tsunami poster" has been ingrained into my memory forever.

So as I was driving down the road, I couldn't help but look for the nearest flight of stairs.


Dawn said...

I'm with you - I know tsunamis are a big deal, but the poster is a little funny. Maybe that was the point - to imbed the funny image in your head since it's what you should do.

30 years is a long time - you'll probably be gone to another country by then. If nothing else, I think we'd all pray for you if we heard it was getting bad there weather-wise.

Lauren said...

That picture is funny! I don't think you will be there when a tsunamis hit at least lets pray you won't :)
Love you!

Kiley said...

Love that poster! Seriously...if you're going to escape the waves, those stairs better go up pretty high.

You should submit it to Jay Leno!

Jennifer said...

You are a great CLEAN comedian! Let me interpret for those sarcastic people...clean meaning not using rude language. God has gifted you. :) I love this gift of yours...something I enjoy in others.

I love you, my Love!