Saturday, October 30, 2010

Happy Halloween!!

I have a couple of videos to share, but want to begin with this one (because it's only appropriate...and because I love it)...

Classic. :)

According to my host parents, Halloween isn't really celebrated in France. Stores have tried to make it popular, but most people don't buy Halloween-themed merchandise or decorations since they don't celebrate the holiday. I guess that makes pretty good sense.

Nevertheless, you can still find Halloween costumes and decorations if you're looking for them...

I took this photo yesterday in Algers, which is about an hour southwest of Le Mans. We went there in the afternoon to explore the city.

My host mom and me outside of an old church, in a picturesque town between Algers and Le Mans.

We walked around this castle from the 16oos, but unfortunately weren't able to go inside.

I absolutely love the look of this building, which my host dad said is typical Normandy style.

After sunset, I traded my walking boots for dance shoes...for tango lessons! My host parents are serious tango dancers and even have special shoes that are only for tango dancing.

A video of them in action...

New friends--Froger and Constant. We gravitated toward one another since we were just about the only people under the age of 50, haha.

Froger did a homestay in Minnesota last year (the whole year!), which is where she first learned how to tango. She & Constant both have excellent English and I enjoyed chatting and dancing with them throughout the night.

At one point while we were talking and watching people dance, a man who must have been about 80 years old came up to me and said, "You are American? Will you dance with me? I have never danced with an American will be exciting!" Haha!

Well...I was going to post a video from last night of professionals doing a tango demonstration, but I'm having technical difficulties with that. Grr.

Overall, last night was a fun night of trying to tango/trying not to look ridiculous on the dance floor!

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