Tuesday, October 19, 2010

A serious sweet tooth, indeed

Yep, it's yet another post about sweets. :)

But you have to expect that from someone visiting Belgium. And from someone who not only likes to eat dessert first, but has also been known to occasionally eat dessert meals due to her sweet tooth...err teeth.

Anyway. I found this article about Belgian chocolate, which is what I wrote about last time. Not only are the chocolates here delicious, they are also beautiful--an "art form" as the article says.

This little shop in Leuven is busy every time I walk by it.

Or course, the waffles here are also kind of a big deal...

This is the "tea room" (that I can't pronounce the name of) where I had my first Belgian waffle in Belgium--definitely a historical moment. :)

Ashlee and I sat next to the window, which as you can see, is decorated for Halloween. Funny, since Halloween isn't really celebrated here.

And this is a little taste of heaven.

Truth be told, I was surprised that my "waffle with fruit" was topped with fruit cocktail instead of fresh fruit. But it's all good since I like fruit cocktail, too.

Next, I need to try a waffle from a street vendor, which Ashlee says are wonderful even though they're not served with sauce or fruit.

Here's the waffle section at the supermarket. Waffle cookies with a carmel filling called stroopwafels (which are from the Netherlands) are also popular. I tried one today and thought it was delicious.

I noticed that the bread section of the supermarket has a machine at the end that slices the big loaves--pretty cool.

I absolutely love sniffing out bakeries and looking at all of the different treats. Actually, I don't have to go into a bakery to smell the desserts--even the outside air smells sweet. No joke.

If only the weather were tropical (it's unfortunately cloudy & cold), Belgium would be my kind of paradise!

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Lauren said...


I am not surprised you wrote a blog about sweets! They all look so good! When I was in Germany I had a lot of good sweets as well!