Wednesday, November 3, 2010

St. Malo & St. Michel

Monday was a great day for sightseeing since #1 it was All Saints Day so my host dad had the day off work! and #2 it was a beautiful and sunshiny. :)

We drove about two and a half hours northwest of Le Mans (just "Mans" on the map below) to the coast, to visit the port city St. Malo...

The day before, a famous boat race called Route de Rhum began from St. Malo. (My host dad showed me this Web site, so I can follow the progress of the 85 boats over the next few weeks. Pretty cool.)

We saw several boats--of all styles & ages--in the harbor.

Because of its geographical position, St. Malo has one of the greatest tidal ranges in all of Europe. I took the above picture of this building on the beach around 11:30 a.m.

Just a few hours later, this picture was taken. Notice behind me is the same building as in the previous picture, now completely surrounded by water.
That happened fast!!

Strolling through the streets of this restored medieval city. (Much of it was destroyed during WWII.)

In the late afternoon/early evening, we drove another hour along the coast to visit a small rocky island called Mont Saint Michel, located on the border between the regions of Brittany & Normandy.

At the top of the island is the legendary abbey--a symbol of the French national identity--that resisted English attacks during the Hundred Years' War.

I wasn't at all surprised that the island was packed with tourists! The streets were also lined with souvenir shops, restaurants & creperies...

Crepes in the making. :) Love that big jar of Nutella!

Mont St. Michel is listed in the Top Ten attractions to see in France, and I can see why...

It's certainly impressive!

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I am so jealous of all the things you are doing and seeing. I am counting down the days till you are home, I miss you!