Saturday, October 2, 2010

From Galway back to Strabane

We're back safely in Jarlath's hometown, and I'm ready to share the last installment of photos from our roadtrip...(as I drink a cup of tea)

Standing outside Dillon's Jewelers in Galway, where the original Claddagh ring was made.

Best rainbow I've ever seen! For sure.

Having a (beautiful) cup of tea in the pub where some scenes of John Wayne's The Quiet Man was shot. That's John Wayne on the TV in the background--in a documentary about the making of the movie.

Ashford Castle, now a 5-star hotel, also where some scenes of The Quiet Man were filmed.

Stone walls & sheep. :)

In the small town, Knock, we found a couple of shops with Jarlath's name.

On the way to Donegal, we made a brief stop in Sligo to see the grave of writer W.B. Yeats...

So many crows circling above the cemetary. Creepy!

Once in Donegal, we stayed at Jarlath's brother's place, by the ocean. I borrowed a wet suit and went (body)surfing in the FREEZING water!
Feeling like a superhero with the suit on, haha.
(I didn't feel at all super afterwards, when I was wet & shivering!)

Overall, I had a great time driving around Ireland, and am glad that I still have another week and a half to take in as much as I can. :)


Lauren said...


I am so glad you are having a good time! I can't beleive that you went surfing, I am so proud of you!!! Love you

claire brakel said...

hi beautiful! LOVE the blog (and i really enjoyed jarlath's guest entry). i hope you continue to have a lovely time, friend!

Manhattan Babe said...

Dear Girlfriend, I'm glad to see how much fun you are having. It makes me wanna go to Europe one day! So when are you coming to see me in New York? I'm so jealous of Jarlath now :(

Love you,
Your Girlfriend.