Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Impressions of Ireland

What a beautiful country! I took this picture at Glenveagh National Park last week.

This is the mountain that we decided not to climb. I was happy enough just taking a photo of it. :)

* * *

Well. I've had a grand (almost) month here, and I'm not looking forward to saying goodbye tomorrow.

Looking back, I've sure met a lot of people, been to a lot of places, seen a lot, done a lot and eaten a lot. :)

I've felt welcomed since the first day and have enjoyed "having the craic and banter" with so many friendly folks. I've noticed that on the whole, the people here seem optimistic, despite the economic recession. They're quick to offer a cup of tea, and I love how visiting peoples' homes without an invitation ("calling in") is such a popular thing to do.

When I tell people here that I enjoyed my roadtrip around the country and have been to 20 of the 32 counties, most people say that's more than they've been to! That really surprises me. I figured that Irish people would travel around the island for vacation, but instead they tend to travel abroad in Europe.

The food has been terrific, and it probably comes as no surprise that I've eaten potatoes--"in some form or fashion" as they say here--every single day. Irish stew and fish & chips are a couple of popular dishes that I've eaten more than once. Tonight I had a delicious dinner with Jarlath's brothers' families, and I'm still full from that!

It's hard to believe that tomorrow night at this time I'll be in Belgium! (This blog will soon be getting a makeover since I'll no longer be on the Emerald Isle.) I'm excited about experiencing the people, the culture, and the sights there. And the food, of course. Hellooo Belgian waffles and chocolates!

So while I'm not looking forward to leaving Ireland, I am looking forward to continuing my adventure in Europe.

Where one door closes another door opens...

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Lannie said...

Safe travels! Looking forward to reading about your next adventure!