Monday, November 8, 2010

What I've been up to lately

Bonjour! It's been a little while since I last gave an update, so here's a little list of some things I've been doing in the past week...

  • Made an apple tart & apple compote (which is like applesauce). Mmm, how I love apple desserts! Especially with vanilla ice cream. :) I have a few photos of the tart-making process...

J'adore this apple tart dish!

Voila! The mother tart & its child. (We had leftover crust to make a baby tart.)

  • Went window shopping. It was rainy and cold on Saturday afternoon, but that didn't matter. I got to spend time with a new friend my age who I met on the Couchsurfers Web site, and we had fun walking around the shops.

  • Went to the "cinema" (as they say here) with Pauline. Pauline is the daughter of one of my host mom's friends. She can speak English! It was great hanging out with her family for dinner and going to the theater to see an English movie--with French subtitles--but too bad that I didn't like the movie. (The American. Don't waste your money.)

  • Went to "the fitness club" with my host mom. I took a swimming aerobics class and was the youngest one by about 30 years. I tried my best to figure out what I was supposed to be doing (since the lesson was in French), but I mainly just made things up. ;)

  • Went grocery shopping. I really do enjoy grocery shopping in any culture. I like being surrounded by food and making some cool discoveries... yogurt with my name in it! (Not just any yogurt, but yogurt that lowers cholesterol. Nice!) (I know. I'm easily amused.)

Sooo many croissants.
  • Helped two girls with their English homework. Their mom is a beautician, and we met at her office to practice English. They were such sweethearts. :)

We took a break from studying to have a snack...croissants! (They sure do love their croissants here.)

  • Explored the neighborhood. The weather was so lovely earlier in the week, and I made the most of it by getting outside & going for walks. Sometime soon, I'll post a few fall photos I've taken. Here's one for now...

Yves & Lilian, out for a Sunday stroll in a nearby park.

Unfortunately, the weather here has been rainy and cold the last couple of days, which has been kind of depressing. This gal likes sunshine!

Well, au revoir for now...


Lannie said...

Were you as stoked as I am to see a French girl wearing Kitty-chan?!

Lauren said...


Why did you stay with someone different? I thought you were not doing that till the end of the month? Looks like you are still enjoying yourself, which is great!