Sunday, November 16, 2008

Thanksgiving a little early

Turkey, mashed potatoes and gravy, cranberry sauce, stuffing, pie...

Are you ready for Thanksgiving yet? ;)

I could easily celebrate this holiday at least once a week! On Saturday evening, about 15 ALT's got together to eat all of the aforementioned food, plus a few non-traditional Thanksgiving dishes like pigs-in-a-blanket, eggrolls and no-bake cookies. It was all A-MAZING, and I feasted as if I hadn't eaten in days!

As is usual for Thanksgiving, I became stuffed with stuffing. The stuffing was my contribution to the meal, and I had fun making it. However, I missed having the annual night-before-the-feast "stuffing party" with my family, in which we all slice and chop, and then eat the buttery bread in bowls as if it were popcorn. :)

Even though Thanksgiving isn't for another couple of weeks, the ALT's decided to celebrate early because this weekend worked out the best for everyone. Definitely better early than never!

Before dinner, we all shared something that we're thankful for. While I am thankful for SO MANY blessings in my life, I said that I am thankful for the smooth transition I've had to living in Japan.

After dinner, we played some games, including charades.
Have you ever tried to act out the word "pomegranate!?" It's pretty much impossible, let me tell you!

It's now Sunday night, and I've been thinking about what a great weekend I've had -- eating, volunteering at a preschool and playing with the cute kids, cooking, eating, dancing, chatting on Skype with family and friends, eating some more, worshipping the Lord, cleaning. You know, all of my favorite things. (minus the cleaning, haha.)

I give thanks for all of the good times! (And good food! :)


Lauren said...

Wow! It sounds that you not only had a great weekend, but an awesome one! I am glad you got to have a Thanksgiving feast even if it was a little early!
Love you!

Oliver said...

I want more turkey already. Moreeeeee.

The Princess said...

Your stuffing sound so good. They look good too (as I've seen them on Skype). You make the worms in my stomach groan, haha. Love you!