Monday, November 17, 2008

"Oh Susana, don't you cry for me..."

I got a letter from my African child today. :)

Through Compassion International, I sponsor a girl named Susana who lives in Tanzania. She is 12 years old, has a June birthday like me and always has a Bible verse to share.

Susana and I have been exchanging letters for over two years. She usually includes a picture that she's drawn, and usually it's a sketch of flowers and houses. Recently, she's progressed to drawing pictures of people.

In this most recent drawing, she has written, "I love Jesus." Precious. Along with the letter and drawing, this time I received an updated photograph of Susana. She's so beautiful, and she looks happy.

This is acutally the photo of Susana I got last time. I wasn't able to scan the photo I got today. But at least now you know what she looks like. :)

It's a delight to correspond with Susana. And it's a pleasure to sponsor her -- to help supply some of her basic needs.

I encourage you to sponsor a child. I know that times are tough for the U.S. economy right now. But this is actually a global reality. There are so many children in the world who are in desperate need, living in poverty. Sponsoring not only provides for a child's physical needs, but his/her emotional and spiritual needs as well.

Although I've never met Susana, I plan to one day. In fact, I have a very strong desire -- and I believe, a calling -- to live in Africa for a while and personally help/serve/play with/share joy with children like Susana. I can't stop thinking about it.

In recent years, I've become a world traveler. But I hope and pray that this is just the beginning!


Stacie Ruth said...

How wonderful to see and read about Susana! She's beautiful -just like her sponsor!

We miss you!

Love ya!
Stacie and Carrie

Lauren said...

I am glad that you got a letter from Susana. I hope one day you are able to go live over there I think you would be great!
Love you!
Ps: I love the title!

The Princess said...

Girlfriend, I'm so proud of you! Yeah you are right, it's important to help those in need, and you are a good testimony to that!
I can't believe that your adopted girl wrote to you in Japan - cool! :)