Saturday, November 22, 2008

A (nother) blog post regarding food

What can I say? Food ("tabemono" in Japanese) is one of my passions! And I'm currently passionate about persimmons. :)

When I was reading the Indy Star on-line, I came across
this article about persimmons. Although this is the peak month for persimmons in Indiana, I've been eating this yummy fruit for the last three months in Japan.

I was first introduced to the "kaki" (the Japanese name for persimmon) when one of the teachers at Yamane Jr. High School gave me one, back in August. I thought it was a tomato.

Before you think I'm crazy, check out this picture of a kaki:

Does it not look like a tomato!? I have several of these in my fridge right now that I could take pictures of. This picture is from the internet, though.

Since I'm not a huge fan of tomatoes, I decided to give my tomato to Tomoki. Tomoki laughed at me (what's new?) and said, "That's not a tomato! It's a...ummm...errr...I don't know in English. But it's a kaki in Japanese." So he looked it up in his fancy little electronic translator, and we learned that this tomato-wanna-be is actually a persimmon.

I've been enjoying the juicy, sweet fruit -- which thankfully tastes nothing like a tomato -- ever since. :)

I always just slice it up and eat. But maybe I'll try making the apple and persimmon salad recipe that's at the end of the Indy Star article.

If you're a persimmon-eater like me, I hope you can enjoy some delicious persimmon pudding (or even some apple and persimmon salad) this Thanksgiving!


Lauren said...

That is funny that you thought it was a tomato! It does look like a tomato so I can see why you thought that! Your blogs always make me laugh, just as this one did today!
Love you!

Wendy City said...

We have those in South Korea too...and until right now I thought they were tomatoes. I need to buy one now... :)

EJFQZ said...

Funny you would be talking about the persimmon. I added it to our Thanksgiving menu this year. I don't take changing that menu lightly, but I had a special request for persimmon pudding. Everyone liked it. I used a recipe that won the Indiana State Fair in 1965! I thought you would appreciate the fair trivia.