Tuesday, June 1, 2010

"So let's just keep on dancin'..."

Last year, I went down to Morioka with members of my dance team to watch a big, annual dance event. (Click here for the post I wrote about it.)

But this year, I went down to Morioka with members of my dance team to actually dance in the big annual dance event! (And here is a post about it...)

Before I share a couple of pictures and a video of our dance, first is a picture I took of the magnificent Mt. Iwate on the way...

So happy it was (finally) a nice, sunny day!

And now, on to the dance pictures...

Getting ready to dance -- final touches.

Ayaka and I are ready to go!

First time out of six that we performed this special dance, which we learned especially for this event.

Coming together for the end.

Just like last year, there were many, many different teams from all over the prefecture and lots of different dances that were fun to watch.
But it was even more fun to participate. :)

Finally, here's the video Ayaka's sister took of our performance. Enjoy...


Kate said...

It's so awesome that you do this!! And I LOVE the outfits!

Lauren said...

You are such a great dancer!!! Also that picture of the mountain should be put on a postcard it is amazing!!!!