Monday, June 14, 2010


That's "good evening" in Japanese. (It's evening here, anyway.)

There isn't much to report from my weekend since--apart from volunteering at preschool and having an English conversation class yesterday--it just consisted of rest & relaxation. :)

So instead, I'll take give you a teaching update...

Last Monday, I taught every grade at Taiyama Elementary School, and it was a real treat to teach first grade because I usually teach only the older grades. I went around the classroom shaking the hand of each first grade student, grinning from ear to ear the entire time because they're just so cute!

When I walked into the fourth grade classroom, I was greeted by lots of smiling kids, some clapping, and some artwork for me on the blackboard...

The artists sitting in front of their work. It says, "Hello Dana Sensei" at the top. :)

Aww, they made me look so cute!!

On the other hand, here is a drawing of "Dana Sensei" that I was given by my sixth grade students at Yamane Elementary School...

That looks just like my scarf. :)

At Yamane Junior High School, the English teacher had me give a presentation about America and American sports, food and school life. She asked me to draw some posters to go along with my talks...

That "basketball" = yikes! haha. I try.

I also made a poster listing some other responses to "How are you?" besides the standard, "I'm fine (thank you, and you?)"

Something new that I've been doing at Yamane J.H.S. is creating English newsletters about my weekends for the teachers and students. Here are the three that I've done so far...

We read it together in class, and the English teacher helps them understand the meaning.

In other news...
Nine days from right now I'll be starting the journey home for Derek & Brittney's wedding, and I am excited!!
That's all.

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