Thursday, September 3, 2009

Trying s'more American treats

It's always fun to share my culture with students and friends in Kuji.

Yesterday was no exception, when I took some graham crackers, Hershey's chocolate and marshmallows to Yamane Jr. High School and taught my students about s'mores. They'd never even heard of such a treat before, and I had to remedy this sad situation ASAP!

I told them that usually we roast the marshmallows over a fire, but the school's microwave would work just fine. :)

Getting ready to bite into a s'more for the first time ever -- a historic moment, indeed.

Yuya enjoying the marshmallow gooey goodness. By the way, Yuya was absent from class last week because he was in a national judo tournament!!
He's that good.

I've also been sharing other American snacks that have been sent to me. Thank you again SO much for those of you reading this who have sent me things. I really appreciate it, and so do the folks I share with!

Tomoki has discovered that he loves Goldfish crackers....

He loves fishes 'cuz they're so delicious! (Now singing the commerical song.) What a goofball, posing like he's feeding a goldfish to my Japanese doll.

At my English conversation class ("eikawa" in Japanese), we talked about places we like to visit, and I told them all about the state fair. Go figure, right? I passed around some cotton candy, even though it turns out cotton candy can be found in Japan, too.

This is the group I've started meeting with once a week so they can practice casual English conversation.

The guy on the left, Nao, is a marathon runner, and somehow he talked me into going on a run with him after last week's eikawa!! I almost died. Ok, not really. But I was probably pretty close to passing out!

I've had some good workouts the past few weeks as part of my training to climb Mt. Iwate. (next month! eeek!) The exercise is definitely neccessary...

Especially because of all the snacking! :)


Lauren said...

I can't even tell you the last time I had a s'more, which is pretty sad!
Tell the students and teachers at Yamane that I say hi! I miss them. They were a nice family!!!
I also was singing that song after seeing Tomoki's picture!
Your welcome for all the goodies let me know when you run out and I will send more!

Dawn said...

Wow it's been forever since I had a s'more too - mostly since I never go camping any more. I didn't know you could achieve the same effect in a microwave.

Kate said...

Dana! Just wanted to say hi and I love reading your blog! It's nice to know you're right across the pond from me... I'll let you know if/when I happen to be in Japan!

The Princess said...

Hmm seem to think that it's sad for thosewho never had s'mores before, but i might say the same thing about durians (although you may not agree with me). Well, to be honest, I don't think s'more is that fantastic. It's just...sweet and nothing else. And yucks, Hershey's... I can't imagine anyone liking it!! My Polish friend said Hershey's taste like soap powder. LOL. I think European chocolates are the best!