Friday, September 25, 2009

Happy Three Months Until Christmas Day! There's always something to be excited about, right?

I'm looking forward to doing a homestay with a Japanese family this weekend! It's in a town about three hours away, so it's kind of like a mini retreat. I'll have pictures and stories to share next time, I'm sure. :)

But for this post, I'm going to back up and share about what's been going on since I last wrote.

On Saturday night, I attended a fancy shmancy dinner for the mayor of Franklin and his wife. I enjoyed the entertainment of traditional Japanese dancing...(and now you can, too)

And next, a few photos from the parade on Sunday...

We carried lanterns, leading the way for this...

Nate is one of the guys carrying the heavy shrine. (You can't see him because he's in the back, on the other side.)

Stop for the photo op. :)

A special thank you to Liz for styling my crazy "festival hair." And Nate, for doing the hairspray.

As I said last time, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday were holidays. I had a relaxing three days in Ninohe. Here are a few photos stolen from Nate's facebook page...

Jamming to a local band called Texas Style. I got all of their autographs. :)

While in Ninohe, a bunch of us had a scary movie marathon, went to a park to hang out and also did a little bit of hiking. Here are pictures of a beautiful view from a mountain overlooking Ninohe:

Well, peace out for now!


Dawn said...

Hey Dana-san. I like the giant shrine - very pretty. I want to say I can't wait til Christmas - but I have to celebrate it with three sets of people (my parents, Chris' mom and her family, and his dad and his family). I'll get sick of it quickly.

BTW, today is mine and Chris' anniversary as I said in the email!

Lauren said...

Looks like you had a very fun, relaxing weekend with great people!!! That is crazy that it is only three months till Christmas!!! Do you know what you are doing for Christmas yet?