Friday, September 11, 2009

"Please don't stop the music..."

Turns out that is was a good idea to bring my flute to Japan with me. It's been put to good use!

Especially lately.

I've had three performances with my friend Hideto in the past two weeks! Hideto plays the classical guitar, and I play my flute & sing.

A few weeks ago, you could find these posters around the Dofukan (as a reminder, that's the community building right behind my apartment), advertising our upcoming performance...

I still don't know who made these posters or how the mystery person got this photo.

Last Thursday, Hideto and I were part of a concert that Emiko from my eikawa (English conversation class) arranged. Here were some of the different acts...

That's Kenji, my guitar teacher on the upper right.

By the way, guitar lessons are going well! I had my fourth lesson last night, and I can play six chords now and pick my way through a couple of praise songs. I never realized before the sacrifices that must be made in order to play the guitar. First, I had to cut my fingernails real short, and they need to stay that way. Bummer. And now the tips of my fingers are sore -- especially on my left hand, from holding the strings down. I have a whole new respect for guitar players!

Back to concerts/performing...
Last Saturday before I went camping, Hideto and I had a concert in front of the Dofukan. Before the event, everyone lit candles around the stage area.
(I still don't know exactly why. As you've probably realized by now, I don't know what's going on most of the time, haha.)

Harriet and I with out candles.


After the candles were lit, Hideto and I (carefully!) took the stage and performed four songs. The first was "My Favorite Things," which Kenji took video of...

When my Swedish couchsurfers were visiting on Sunday, we hung out at a cafe in Kuji to chill and play music together. Peter is an extremely talented musician, and I wish that I had taken a video of him! Oooh, I just had the idea to see if he has any videos on YouTube, and sure enough, I found this.

He often plays at coffeshops and even has a CD of all original songs! He gave me his CD, and I had him autograph it for when he becomes famous. :)

Kenji and I playing "Moon River" as Peter sings it.

Well, I need to get going since it's almost time to celebrate Oliver's birthday with the gang, so I'm signing off for now.

Or should it be singing off? Lalalala...


Dawn said...

You are such a good singer - I loved your performance. I currently have the Peter guy up on youtube as I type this - he is extremely talented. The candles were pretty.

Lauren said...

I am glad your flute has come in handy! I enjoyed listening to you play when I was there. I listen to some of your songs that you played at Mayla's going away party last night, your singing is just beautiful!!!!