Wednesday, August 12, 2009

"This 'lil light of mine..."

Another unique "first" I can add to my list of "I never did this until I came to Japan" is lantern-making.

I participated in a special craft time with my san-nensei class (9th grade) students at Okawame Jr. High School last month. We made lanterns out of clay for the star festival, which I wrote about last time.

First, each student received a clay pot...

The two guys doing the peace sign are two of my most "genki" (outgoing) students: Dai in the front, and Shin behind him.

Next, we could choose different shapes to trace onto our lantern....

I went with a moon and star theme, since that seemed appropriate. :)

Then we used a tool to cut out the shapes we had traced...

Nice work, Maria! {I actually stole her idea of trimming the top like that.} By the way, Maria is one of the girls who did a homestay at my house in January.

I love her star cut-outs!

My finished product...

Close-up shot of my lantern, before being fired.

I had a lot of fun being crafty with my students, and I love that I now have a handmade lantern for decoration in my apartment!

Sidenote: You've probably heard in the news about the recent typhoon and earthquake on this side of the world. While I wasn't affected by either one--other than experiencing rain on Sunday and Monday, which may or may not have been a result of the typhoon--my heart and prayers go out to the people who were.


Dawn said...

Cool looking lanterns. Japanese students get to have way more fun in school than we ever did.

Lauren said...

Those lanterns look so neat! I also like the title because it is a song!! Makes me happy to know that you think of me when writing your blogs...Ok well maybe you do lol!
Ai shiteru