Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Say what!?

Last time I shared some t-shirts with words of "wisdom." This time, I want to share some t-shirts with words. Period.

I don't mean to make fun, but just have a little fun. :) Bless their hearts, these precious children have no idea what they're even wearing. In fact, I'm one of the few people in Kuji who understands that sometimes the clothing they wear is non-understandable. So I just have to share these with other people (you!) who will appreciate the nonsense.

Don't even look for meaning in these first two...

"Cool Melody. Nice Idol. Dream Step. Charm Smile." (I can't read the small print at the bottom.) How many combinations of two somewhat random English words can we put on one shirt?

"Defend my belief. Eternal Progress. Sitting down and really thinking out an attitude of yours that you are not sure. The Sublime." I have no words. Actually, as an English teacher, I have two: Job security.

"Drug Stores: Symbol of Good Luck." Forget rabbit's feet, horseshoes, clovers, the number 7, etc. Drug stores and apparently pig faces are lucky. Who knew?

"Girls are Angel. Lovely." Put an "s" at the end of "Angel" and it will be even more lovely!

"I love KISS." As in the band?? ;)

"Be. Se. Beauty & Sexy. I am beautiful and will become a sexy world's best woman." Dear cute 8-year-old child, I know that just because the word "sexy" is on your shirt, it doesn't necessarily mean that it's in your vocabulary. Please hold on to your innocence as long as possible. Thanks. :)

Question: "Sweet candy do you eat?" Answer: Sweet candy, yes I eat.

Go now, I must. Peace out!


Lauren said...

Those shirts cracked me up! I loved walking around looking at all the crazy shirts that did not make sense!!! I also liked how you ended your blog! Please don't turn into one of them!

Dawn said...

I find it almost sad the children might never realize their shirts don't make sense.

The Princess said...

Well Dawn, if you were wearing a shirt with Japanese words that make no sense...the Japanese probably won't feel sad for you. Does that make sense?

Now, I won't say that the children might 'never' realize. It's highly possible that the children might grow up to be smarter than you. Does that make sense? :)