Friday, August 7, 2009

"I think I'm turning Japanese, I really think so..."

Today is my one year anniversary of living in Japan!

Exactly one year ago from this very moment, I had just landed in Tokyo, not exactly sure what I was getting myself into, but nevertheless ready for the adventure of living in a foreign land.

Even though my body was weary and jet-lagged, I was way too fired up/overwhelmed to sleep well when I first arrived. Actually, I think I barely slept a wink for the first week!

Just for fun, I went back and read the first blog entry that I wrote in Kuji. While I've done a lot of things, been a lot of places and met a lot of people since then, I really feel like it wasn't long ago at all that I wrote that post. I clearly remember all the feelings I had then, and how I was looking forward to learning and living Japanese culture as a foreigner.

And now, one year later, Japan doesn't even seem like a foreign country. It feels like home. In fact, I feel like my theme song is "Turning Japanese." So many things that were uncomfortable/strange/different at first, now feel the complete opposite.

I've made a list of them....

The top ten indicators that you're turning Japanese

# 10. You immediately feel the need to take your shoes off when entering a building.

# 9. Without thinking about it, you bow your head when meeting people.

# 8. You say "sugoi!" ("great!") instead of the English slang, "sweet!"

# 7. You get sushi cravings. (Often.)

# 6. You drink green tea as if it's water.

# 5. Driving on the left side of the road feels completely normal.

# 4. You actually prefer to eat rice with chopsticks instead of with a fork.

# 3. You have no issues whatsoever with going to a public bath.

# 2. Eating raw squid doesn't seem at all strange or gross.

And finally...
Drumroll, please...

# 1. You can use a "squatter toilet" as if it's natural!!

All of these are true for me...except for #1!! I still despise the hole-in-the-ground toilets. So I guess I'm not quite Japanese. Yet. But give me another year... :)


Lauren said...

I feel like some of that list applies to me!!! I feel like I should be living over there!!! In fact my grandma and I were just talking about it and she said that she could see me over there as well. I think here soon I am going to really look into it!!!!
I am glad that Japan feels like home to you!!!!

g.r.a.c.e. said...

Rice with chopsticks- way easier to eat!
Public baths- no problem!
The squatter toilets though...I don't know Dana! Even my Japanese family doesn't like those! haha :)

Dawn said...

I doubt you will ever get used to the squatter toilets as you put it - LOL - I doubt many could after growing up with a western toilet.