Saturday, February 7, 2009

Monkeying around at preschools!

When asked a couple of weeks ago if I'd like to sing songs and play with little kids, I immediately said, "Heck YES!!"

Playtime? Preschoolers? Perfect!

So this morning, five ALT's plus one of our Japanese friends went to two preschools (that I'd never been to before) to teach English songs.

This is us at the first preschool:

So precious...
Hokey Pokey! "Put your left foot in...."

I think Mayla's having the most fun; maybe because she's the only one who understands what's going on! haha

Here we are at the second preschool:

The woman on my right was doing a monkey gesture, so why not do one, too!? Besides, I had already been a monkey for one of the songs! Here's a video (of the second half of the song) to prove it...

Ah, fun times. We also taught the kids "The Itsy Bitsy Spider," "I'm a Little Teapot" and "Ten Little Indians" (but we changed it to "Ten Little Monkeys." That way we could leave on the fun monkey heads, ha.)

I hope we go back to the preschools sometime soon, even though it was kind of...bananas! :)


Wendy City said...

Okay, so the picture of the two little boys throwing peace signs is cute enough to end world wars! eeehhhh!

Dawn said...

The preschoolers are so cute...I bet you had a wonderful time. I would think just the precious innocent look on their faces could melt anyone's heart.

Jennifer said...

Wow...I can't believe I beat Lauren to the post!

Little children are to my delight. The younger the better...I've always said. These children are sooooooooooooooooooo cute!! You are too Dana...monkeying around. :)
Monkey love!

Lauren said...

hey Daaayna
I failed. I don't think I have ever been the fourth person to post. The kids are so cute. I want to visit there when I come over there. Love you.