Tuesday, February 3, 2009

A couple of delicious lessons

I really enjoy learning about Japanese culture from people in Kuji; I also like sharing American culture with them.

When that exchange involves food, all the better. :)

Last week at Okawame Jr. High School, I learned how to make udon noodles from scratch by participating in a 7th grade home economics class.

Let me share my new culinary knowledge with you:

First, you make dough from flour, a little salt and some water. You form the dough then roll it out and fold it over. Next, you have to cut the dough into thin strips to make noodles.

After boiling the noodles for a few minutes, you put them into soy soup and top with strips of seaweed.

Tah dah! Time to eat...

The guys weren't too keen on being in this picture. (Maybe because they were wearing aprons?) :) Notice the boy drinking his soup. This is totally normal in Japan. Whenever I tell my students that eating soup this way is considered rude in America, they usually go, "Hehh??!?"

"いただきます" ("Itadakimas" = what is said before eating. It means "Thank you for the meal.")

This week I was the one giving lessons in the kitchen.

Two teachers with Junichi, who proudly displays his cookie dough.

I figured that chocolate chip cookies are not only very American, but relatively simple to make. (Not to mention they're one of my favorite foods ever!) So that's what we made. Other than when the toaster oven started to smoke (eeps!), it was a definite success.

By the way, I do realize that this is the third blog post in a row with pictures of food in it. You'll have that when the author is passionate about eating. :)


Lauren said...

I would not expect anything less than a blog written about food!!! It also does not suprise me that you chose to make chocolate chip cookies, that sounds just like you!!!
Love you!!!

Dawn said...

Did the students enjoy the cookies?

Jennifer said...

It is always interesting to see what you are doing at the schools.
I've made noodles once but not exactly like that. They sound like they would be good....without the seaweed that is. :)

I love you bunches!

Stacie Ruth said...

You look too cute with the chopsticks!! I e-mailed you on Facebook... Love ya!

Emily Retherford said...

Wow, I have to say I love your blog and will be referring my sister to it. Her husband is half Japanese and they like the kids to learn about their Japanese heritage. I think your blog will be a great resource for them!

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Wendy City said...


Will you teach me how to cook something when you come visit?! :)