Thursday, February 5, 2009

A cup of green tea for me (or two or three or four...)

Since I've written a lot recently about what I've been eating, I think it's time to share about what I've been drinking...

Green tea. Lots of green tea.

Sometimes I'm served green tea in beautiful cups. :)

I've never been a tea drinker. When I tried peach tea several years ago and didn't care for it, I thought there was no hope for me ever liking any kind of tea. (After all, I'm almost to the point of obsession when it comes to peaches.)

But then I came to Japan. The teachers serve me my choice of either green tea or coffee. Since it's considered inpolite to refuse and since I despise coffee, I started to hesitantly accept the green tea.

Although I'll probably never regard green tea with the same admiration I have for hot chocolate, I've learned to appreciate it. After all, it's always nice to have a warm beverage on a cold, winter day. And it's definitely nice to be served and treated like a special guest!

At Osanai Elementary on Monday, I was served four cups of green tea! They kept pouring, so I just kept drinking. :)

乾杯! (Kanpai!)



Lauren said...

I was startign to wonder if you even drank over there or if you just ate.
Speaking of not liking coffee Amanda and I walked down the coffee isle at Walmart the other day and she could looked like she was going to throw up because of the smell. It was kind of funny!!!
Love you!!!

Dawn said...

You don't like coffee? Shame - LOL - just joking but somedays I wouldn't be able to walk around without it.

Glad you're getting an appreciation for green tea. Chris jokingly is saying about time since you are planning to live there for another year.

Jennifer said...

My love,
Hot green tea...yum! However, I have to put a little splenda in mine. Do they serve it sweet in Japan? Coffee...I'm not a big drinker, but I LOVE the smell. Only a Mocha Frap will do.


Wendy City said...

So cute! I feel sophisticated when I drink tea so I make sure to have plenty of it... :D

The Princess said...

Wow, i can never picture you drinking and liking green tea. Its awesome for me, but for someone who loves all things sweet, that just isn't you! But I like your adventurous self :-)