Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Packing Requires Chocolate

I knew that it wouldn't be an easy task. I knew that it would require planning and time. But I didn't know that packing two year's worth of clothes into two suitcases could be this stressful!

It seems to me that my suitcases have shrunk--there's less room in them than I thought there was. And at the same time, I have more clothes than I thought I had! This is not a good combination.

So it only makes sense that I shrink down my clothes in order that they fit into my "shrunken" suitcases. I'm doing this by putting my garments into big plastic bags that zip tight, and then sucking all the air out with a vaccuum. It's somewhat amusing to watch my clothes quickly shrivel up in the bag, looking like a giant raisin in the end. I love that this technique saves space in my suitcases, but I wish it would reduce the weight as well!

Besides clothes, I am also packing chocolate. (That way I'll be sure to have sweet treats while I'm in Japan.) And besides packing chocolate, I'm eating chocolate while I pack! I find that this helps to keep my stress level down, haha.

Even though I still have eight days to go until I leave, I'm packing now while I have the time. My last week in the U.S. is extremely busy! Ariel and I are going to Iowa to visit our friends Carrie and Stacie, Friday though Monday. On Tuesday, I'm helping Ariel move into her apartment in Bloomington. And on Wednesday--the day before I leave--I'm spending the day at the great Indiana State Fair.

This past week has also been busy. (What's new?) Ariel and I have been doing things that she's wanted to do, like ride bikes in the country, having a picnic and visiting the state museum. We've also visited my friends, attended a wedding and made a trip up to Ft. Wayne over the weekend.

With all of this activity, I think chocolate will be necessary to keep me going!


Anonymous said...

I am glad that you could fit everything into your suitcases!!! I should have known that you would leave room for chocolate lets just hope it does not melt on the way over there!!! Love you!!!

Jennifer said...

Hey my love,

As I was reading your blog, I was thinking of the ziplock bags and as I read on I saw that you thought of them too. They work wonders!! I agree that chocolate can do the trick. I hope you are having a great time in Iowa! Love you lots!!