Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Hmm...that's interesting

Interesting is an interesting word. (It takes a journalism major to be interested in pondering this! haha)

But when you think about it, the meaning of interesting is so ambiguous. For example, if you were to ask someone's opinion of a movie, and he or she told you that the movie was interesting, you most likely wouldn't know exactly what that meant. My friend Albert once told me, "Interesting is what you call an ugly baby." While I think that babies are extremely cute, I think he makes an interesting (as in amusing/entertaining) point!

I find it interesting (in a not-so-good way) that Starbuck's does not have free wireless internet. At least the one near my house doesn't. I just found this out. Before today, I had never taken a laptop to a coffee shop, even though that seems to be a common thing to do. This could be because #1 I'm not particularly fond of coffee shops and #2 I've never had a laptop! Being out in public is a first for my brand-new laptop. Isn't that interesting? (as in compelling)

So anyway, here I am sitting at Meijer in the cafe, where there's wireless internet. I'm with my "girlfriend" Ariel, who is also typing away -- sending e-mails, downloading music, etc. Of course what we are working on is very interesting! (as in captivating...this blog post, for instance! haha)

I picked Ariel up at the airport two days ago. She's from Singapore, and it took a total of 24 hours in the air to finally reach Indiana! Isn't that interesting? (as in kind of impressive) And I thought that my 16-hour flight was long! She actually flew from Tokyo to Chicago to Indiana--which is the same route I'll be taking--but had to fly from Singapore to Tokyo first.

It's so great to have Ariel with me for the two weeks before I leave. It's interesting (as in kind of crazy/ironic) that we're switching lives in a way; she's moving from Asia to Indiana, and I'm going from Indiana to Asia. She's going from the "work world" to school -- grad school at IU. And I'm going from school to the work world.

Ariel likes to ask me all kinds of questions about life in the United States. Her response to my answers is usually, "That's interesting." I think it's interesting (as in thought-provoking) that she finds the different aspects of American culture interesting. I'm sure that I will find the culture of Japan interesting (as in fascinating) as well.

When I was at the airport with Ariel, of course I couldn't help but think of how I'll be back at the airport in just over two weeks from now! Instead of Ariel, I'll be the one carrying heavy bags around airports, suffering from jet lag and being alone in the midst of hundreds of strangers. While these aspects of traveling don't sound interesing, (as in appealing) I'm sure that it will all be worth it once I arrive in Kuji and start making it my home.

And once I'm in Kuji, I'm sure to have more interesting (as in all meanings of the word!) times than I can really count!


Anonymous said...

This is a very interesting blog lol! I like it. I like how you used interesting and each one had a different meaning!!! I am glad that you are have a good time with Ariel!!!!

Amanda said...

I find you interesting (as in beautiful, loving, kind, and amazing). I cannot believe you are leaving here shortly. I really am proud of you, esposa. I love you.