Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Tomoki's movie

A couple of weeks ago when Tomoki came over to my apartment to practice English, he announced that he wanted to make a terrorist movie.

Apparently he's been watching action movies lately that involve terrorists, and he wanted to make his own. So for nearly an hour, we choreographed and practiced a fight scene in my living room. Then the next time Tomoki came over, Jarlath came too, and he filmed our "terrorist movie" for us. (He also played the Mr. Big character.)

Tomoki did all the work. He wrote the script, directed, edited and made the following video:

Part 1

Part 2

I'm not sure if the story will continue, or if it ends here. However, after filming this, Jarlath decided that he and Tomoki should make a more light-hearted "buddy movie" together.

Stay tuned to watch "T-Money & Jar-man -- A Buddy Movie" next time. :)


Jennifer said...

I absolutely loved it!!! I think the actors and actress should continue the film and/or make the buddy movie...LOL!!! I rate Tomoki as the number 1 movie director!!

Lannie said...

Jarleth has the Batman voice! Great apt by the way!

Dawn said...

I am with the others - I loved it. I made Chris watch it - he's still cracking up.