Sunday, April 4, 2010

"Oh, happy day!..."

Happy Easter from Kuji, Japan! I hope you have a day full of sweetness. :)

After 40 days without chocolate, the Reeses cup I savored at midnight--the first moment possible--was mighty good. Special thanks to my grandparents for sending some Easter sweets from "A-me-ri-ca," as we say here.

I shared the love with the lovely ladies at my English conversation class on Wednesday...

Keiko and Hiyoko sampling a little bit of everything. Everyone was intrigued by the hot pink Peeps...

Two new friends I met at the gym last week. They approached me to practice their English (which is quite good). We chatted and worked out together, and I said, "Come join my English class!"

Group shot with the pink Peeps. :)

Today was an Easter concert at church, and my first time to play guitar for an audience. I've been taking lessons from Kenji since September. I played & sang "Open the Eyes of My Heart," (the second time in Spanish) "Shout to the Lord," and "Here I am to Worship."

Here are the videos:

I was super impressed by the Kuji High School choir! They sounded beautiful, and I loved their songs...

Have a happy day!


Lauren said...

You are so talented! I think next time we Skype we should not only chat but also sing!!! Everytime I hear the song "Open the Eyes of My Heart" I want to sing it in Spanish! Great job!

Jennifer said...

This blog post makes me want to watch Sister Act. :)

You are wonderful at singing and playing the guitar. Woohoo!!

Smiles and hugs!