Thursday, April 15, 2010

Living the dream

I grew up eating whole wheat bread.

We never ever had white bread in our house. Not that I remember, anyway.

But I can remember being on a field trip as a young elementary school student, watching as classmates opened their lunch boxes and pulled out sandwiches made of the mysterious white bread. And I thought, "Mmm, that Wonder Bread looks wonderfully soft and fluffy. They're so lucky!"

I never would have guessed then that years later I'd be in Japan, living the white bread dream....

Of all the white breads here, this one is the softest and fluffiest.

You see, there are very few whole wheat products in this country, and I have yet to find wheat bread.

The truth is, I miss it. I miss all of my favorite snacks made with whole grains. (Teddy Grahams!) I realize now that white bread is not the most nourishing choice. But now I have no other choice.

It's been a long time since I've had brown rice, but I eat white sticky rice every day. This is thanks to my new rice cooker (well, it's new to me, anyway) that Jarlath gave me when he left...

So happy to have this newest addition to the appliance family. :) Cooking rice is so much more convenient now.

I'll end this post with a photo of a "dessert." I never shared about April Fool's Day and how I fooled Jarlath into taking a bite from this scrumptious-looking candle, which I even pulled out of my refrigerator...

See the teeth marks on the "chocolate" part? Hehe. (p.s. The candle hadn't been burned yet when I gave it to him.)

Just a little joke and a little fun...not a white lie. :)

* * *
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Lauren said...


I never knew that you never haas white bread at home growing up. I am just the opposite we nver had wheat bread and now that I all my parents buy!

Jennifer said...

Yes, I perfer wheat bread too and so does my body :)