Tuesday, October 27, 2009

A video post

With two school culture festivals and a dance performance, Sunday was a busy day in the life of "Dana Sensei." (as a reminder "sensei" = teacher)

I'm going to share about the day in the form of videos this time. So first up is a little video I took of all the students at Okawame Jr. High singing...

* For all the videos, you might have to pause them and let load for a few minutes.


I have no idea what they're singing about, but isn't it beautiful!? :)

Sidenote: The chairs in front of me were empty because that's where the students had been sitting. There was quite a large audience, but they were sitting behind me.

At culture festivals, students not only perform songs, but also plays and dances. Here's the closing of a play by my adorable kids from Yamane Elementary School...


After the play, it was time for the junior high students to dance...


At noon, it was my turn to dance at a small community festival! My dance team and I did four dances. (They had me be front and center!) I have videos of three of the dances, and I've just figured out how to put YouTube videos on my blog instead of just the link (which takes you away from my blog.) Yay!

As I write this, it's Tuesday night, and I've spent the last two days at a team teaching seminar three hours away from Kuji. I don't have any videos or pictures from that, but I came away with some new ideas for activities to do in the classroom. Tonight I've been planning some Halloween party games to do at Yamane Jr. High tomorrow, which I'll blog about next time.

Stay tuned...


Lauren said...

What a good idea to have videos to show what you have been doing!!! I enjoyed all of the dances! It was neat to see them being performed since I got to see you practice all of them while I was in Kuji!!!

Dawn said...

Cool videos though I haven't finished them all yet. Hope the teaching seminar wasn't boring.