Monday, October 19, 2009

A southern hoedown in northern Japan

Howdy, y'all!

You're prolly thinkin' that a hoedown in Japan is about as scarce as hen's teeth. And I reckon you'd be right!

But we done made it happen over yonder at Greg's house in Fudai. About twenty or so English-speakin' friends of mine from this neck of the woods went hog wild -- dancin', eatin', hootin' and a hollerin'.

We kicked off the shindig after dusk on Saturday.

We had all kinds of tasty vittles: taters, BBQ chicken, corn bread, and other fixin's. Thanks to my ma, we even had southern style tablewear. Don't that just beat all!?

Of course it ain't a hoedown without the dancin'...

Yeehaw! Julian and his pals, visitin' all the way from Californ-I-A!

Hatsumi and Megumi are like two peas in a pod.

Carryin' on...

"Where did you come from, where did you go? Where did you come from Cotton-Eye Joe!?"

Dixie chicks. :)

So we were all havin' a mighty fine time, and then things got a 'lil out of hand. You see, Greg got his feathers ruffled because Jarlath kept leavin' the front door ajar. "Were you born in a barn!?!?" yelled Greg (who's a 'lil too big for his britches, if ya ask me.) "I'm gonna tan your hide!!" And then...

Greg just flew off the handle! He's meaner than a snake!

But Sheriff Jarlath ain't no bump on a log. He went after Greg whole hog and put him back in his place. You don't mess with the sheriff.

With justice done, it was back to fun! How 'bout a game of Twister. Just for..err..kicks.

Later that night, we moseyed out to the beach and sat 'round the fire.

Oliver grinnin' like a possum eating persimmons. :)

Cowboy Ebun tendin' to the fire.

(Part of) the gang.

With the exception of the brawl* between Greg and Sheriff Jarlath, I reckon everything went fine and dandy! Yeeeehaw!

* = totally made up :)


Lauren said...

It looks like you had a dandy time at the hoedown! I can't wait to hear more about it when we chat!!!

Chrisodeo said...

LOL looks like a good time. Funny how the dinner at the hoedown, you guys were using chopsticks - LOL.

P.S. This is from Dawn - but somehow this only reads Chris' google today.