Monday, January 19, 2009

A girl can daydream

Let me give you a glimpse of where I've continually been in my mind.

A silhouette of palm trees...

Pretty pastel colors in the sky, along with bright orange. Soak in the warmth...

Standing with my toes in the sand, watching as the sun gets ready to slip under the horizon...

There it goes. So beautiful. Such wispy clouds...

Reality check.

There are no palm trees. Only frozen trees.
The sky looks dull. There are no warm colors or warm air.
My toes aren't in the sand. Sometimes I can't even feel my toes!

This is my current situation. These are probably the circumstances of most of you reading this right now. But we must overcome our frigid surroundings! While we put boots on our feet, let's also put smiles on our faces! We will perservere!

This is what I'm telling myself.

For the most part, it's working. I'm a positive person with determination. Although I don't like the cold, I will deal with it.

I walked around in the chilly air yesterday because people were selling things--mostly produce--along the streets. I wanted to support those folks who were willing to sit outside for hours at a time. Lord, bless them.

The bright sun lit up the sky, helping to warm my spirit. I thought about how that exact same sun was also shining (and setting) over tropical places. I thought about how I'd like to be at those places.

Obviously I'm still thinking about it. I enjoy looking at the above pictures, which I took in Florida just a few weeks ago, wishing that I could still be there with my family and grandparents. And this morning I was looking at photos taken in Nicaragua last year, thinking about the happy memories with great friends and the warm times.

That doesn't change the present. But a girl can daydream, right? :)


Dawn said...

Ahhh after seeing those photos, I so wish I was in Florida or somewhere warm. 11 degrees here now - too cold.

Lauren said...

I know what you mean about being in a warmer place! I like how you turn it into something positive though, that's what I love about you!!! Amanda and I both wish we were in Nicaragua as well!
Love you!!!

Jennifer said...

The sunshine and 40 degree weather right now is pretty nice...compared to the negative digits we have had. :) I'm trying to get on board your positive thinking train. Toot toot!

Amanda said...

Boy, what I wouldn't give for some warmer weather right now. We just recently discussed our cold intolerance. :-)

I'd absolutely love to be back in Nicaragua!