Monday, January 26, 2009

A day that was good for my soul

Fresh air and sunshine do wonders for my spirit.

I'm excited to say that the weather was nice enough yesterday morning for me to take a walk! Forget the gym.

So I listened to worship songs on my iPod while I strolled to church. I also played around with my new camera and took the pictures you see below. 'Twas lovely.

Winter is so much easier to cope with when the sun is out. Can I get an "Amen!?!"

Even if there wasn't a dolphin pictured on this sign, I would still know what it says. :) (ドルフイン = dolphin) It makes me so happy when I can read the signs! By the way, stop signs are triangular in Japan.

It's common to see the windshield wipers like this when a car is parked outside overnight.

The sky is so blue in this picture! Here's the view of Kuji from church...

And here's what the sermon in church was about...

Sean told me that this says we should love our neighbors in the same way that God loves us. (愛 = love) That's the gist of it, anyway. :) It's so refreshing to me to be in the midst of other believers -- whether I understand everything that's going on around me or not!

Look who I saw on my walk back...

None other than Tomoki, riding his bike as usual. Although it was a nice day, it was NOT warm enough to be outside without a coat!!! I wish!

As many times as I've been down this street, I'd never seen this giant picture before. Tomoki said that underneath it says "I'm always angry," or something scary like that. Tomoki is actually a happy kid, but this posed picture might lead you to believe otherwise.

The day continued to be refreshing since I met my friend Ayaka at the "sweets place." (I'm a firm believer that sweet treats are very good for the soul!) I love that little place so much and could easily rave on about it. So I think that in my next blog I will do just that. :) Stay tuned!


Lauren :) said...

Amen on Winter being easier when the sun is out!
The other day we had soem very nice temps here and I love it...but now we are back to cold temps and expecting a snow storm:(
Thanks for all the beautiful pictures! Can't wait to see them in person!
Love you!

Dawn said...

Amen for the sunny winter days. So looking forward to spring and warmer weather. Hope you found the slipper.

Kiley said...

Those are great pictures! How does the church service go? Do they speak in English at all or do you just sit and sort of absorb the Japanese and not know what they're saying most the time? Is the service a lot like ours, a little, or completely different?

What an amazing experience! :)

Jennifer said...

I love seeing pictures of random things like the windshield wipers...makes me laugh. Also, it is interesting to see what things look like where you are everyday or often...your street, church, etc. Thanks for sharing.
I'm sending lots of warm hugs your way.