Sunday, December 7, 2008

Five reasons why shopping can be enjoyable

I'm not a big spender.

I'd rather save my money or donate it to a worthy cause. So I'm not one to love shopping. However, I've spent the last two weekends shopping -- last weekend at a market in Hachinohe and this weekend at a mall in Morioka.

Both times I did more browsing than actual purchasing. I like it better that way. Here are the top five reasons why "window shopping" is fun:

#5: You can see ridiculous/surprising things.
To me, spending 5,000 yen ($50) on a crab seems slightly ridiculous. Granted, these crabs are gigantic! But still, I can think of at least 50 people and things off the top of my head that I'd rather spend $50 on, instead of buying some big, dead crab. Wait a minute...

These guys are alive!! The man selling them picks up a crab that I presume to be dead, and I nearly jump back a foot when it starts moving its giant claws! Looks like it's ready to pinch something...or someone. Eeps!

4. You can try on ridiculous things.
I have a lot of fun trying on stuff that I would never buy and never wear. For instance, this hat...

Is this what it feels like to have dreadlocks? I feel a couple of pounds heavier with this thing on my head!

3. Free food! Enough said.
Hypothetically of course (ahem), I could go to a store like Sam's Club back home and make a meal off the samples. I love samples! I've learned that if I go to the Universe grocery store at just the right time, I'll find a variety of homemade baked goods to taste test. It's fabulous. But as much as I usually enjoy samples, I'm (literally) not diggin' these...

First, I have no idea what this is. I can't read the Japanese, and the brown mushy stuff doesn't look like anything familiar. (That's edible, anyway!) Second, there are chopsticks in the bowls! So are these "community samples" or what? What if I use the chopsticks (that have been in who knows how many mouths) to eat the brown mushy stuff and accidentally drop a little bit on my pants!? Ew, I can see that happening, too. I hardly ever say this when it comes to free food...but I'll pass.

2. It provides opportunities to "people-watch."
I enjoy standing or sitting still and watching the people around me. Maybe that sounds creeper-ish, but maybe you do it, too, and you just don't admit it. :) People-watching was especially fun in the stores in Tokyo because of the crazy fashion I saw. But even in Morioka, I saw folks wearing some unusual things. I didn't take any pictures because I don't want to turn into the paparazzi. But trust me, the fashion is unique.

1. You can see some eye-candy!
And I don't just mean amazingly attractive guys! This right here is eye-candy...
A long row of cake slices = beautiful! I thought the cake lady with her little hat and apron was precious, so I took a picture of her, too...

So there you have it, folks.

I guess you could say I'd rather eat dough than spend dough! :)


Dawn said...

I admit it - LOL - I people watch too sometimes. I also could think of many things I could use that $50 bucks on besides a live crab that looks like it wants to pinch off my finger. And everyone loves free samples - even if some don't admit it. Hope you liked the link to that song I sent yesterday...LOL.

lauren said...

I agree I think people watching can be intertaining as well! Yeah and you are right who does not love free stuff! I love to shop but if I buy something it is usually not for me and most of the time I just go to look!
Love ya!

Wendy City said...

This reminds me of my shopping experiences here. Only I'd totally buy that crab!! :)

You're as cute as can be, Miss Sease!

Amanda said...

I'm glad you didn't buy the crab. Ick!!! Poor thing.