Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Another, younger Tomoki

Of course no one could ever take Tomoki's place. He is truly one of the most unique individuals I've ever met!

(By the way, Tomoki -- the 7th grade boy I tutor, just in case you need reminded -- likes to say "of course" instead of "yes." Dana: Did you have a good weekend, Tomoki? Tomoki: Of course!!)

But the cutie with me in this picture reminds me of Tomoki.

I met him at Kuji Elementary School on Monday. His English was by far the best of his class, and it was apparent that he really wants to learn it.
I just wish I could remember his name!

I asked him if he studies English at home, and he told me that his father is an English teacher. I tried asking what school his dad teaches at, but he said, "No school." I was confused, but it was time for me to leave his classroom, so I left.

At the very beginning of recess time, the boy found me in the teacher's room so we could work out our communication issue. He was SO cute and was not about to give up! Ten minutes and a game of "charades" later, I finally figured out that his dad is a carpenter who knows English and teaches his son a little bit at home. YES! I understand! :)

My little friend followed me around during the rest of recess, as I (attempted to) talk and play with other fun kids. As usual, I had a great time in the company of elementary school students.

I also still have a lot of fun with Tomoki, who countinues to make me laugh. He memorized the entire "Grease" dance that the ALTs performed a few weeks ago, and he likes to practice it whenever he comes over, haha. He also likes to practice his "British English." I could write an entire blog full of Tomoki stories since he does and says so many funny things, but that's all for now.

In the words of Tomoki, "Cheerio, homie!"


Chrisodeo said...
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Dawn said...

From what you write, he does seem to be a younger Tomoki. I find it very cool that his father teaches him some English. So on another note, you learning more Japanese?

Sorry about the deleted comment - it was me but I forgot to sign out of Chris' account - LOL.

Lauren said...

That boy is so cute! I can't wait to come in June and meet all of the cute kids and especially Tomoki!
Love ya!