Friday, October 3, 2008

The Universe got bigger!

When I first arrived in Kuji, there was a big Universe and a small one. And now, they are both big.

In case you have either forgotten or are new to reading my blog, and you're starting to think I'm crazy, I must tell you that Universe is the name of a grocery store chain here. I have no idea why it's named that, but it sure makes for some funny-sounding sentences!

The smaller Universe was torn down a few weeks ago and made into a parking lot for the brand-new store. The new store is just as big as the other Universe in Kuji. It's also nicer and closer to my apartment!

So I have been anticipating the grand opening of the new Universe. Apparently, so have a lot of people.

There were so many cars near the store today that traffic guards were directing traffic around the Universe. (Haha, see what I mean about funny sentences?) Besides lots of people at the grand opening, there were also balloons, samples galore and even a mascot walking around. It was glorious.

Me with my new friend "Ham," who I guess is the mascot of the Universe. :)

The excitement in the community was equivalent to the buzz in Camby when Wal-Mart opened (or "WallyWorld" as Derek called it). This is a big deal for Kuji.

So Oliver (pictured below) and I had fun exploring the Universe tonight. (hehe) Oliver loves to cook and I love to eat, which makes for a great friendship. :) And both of us can easily spend an hour wandering the Universe!

Thumbs up for grocery shopping!

One of my favorite things about the new Universe is the giant English on the walls that labels each section, like a grocery store in America. Here are a few pictures of the inside of the beautiful store. You'll notice that there aren't many people in the pictures because when I get my camera out, folks tend to scatter! And I was trying not to get people in the photos.

Only five dollars for six apples...what a deal! The sad thing is, that really is a deal.

Yep, the seafood is definitely fresh. It looks like it could have just been swimming!

Grocery shopping is the only kind of shopping I do in Kuji. As I was warned before I moved here, there really isn't a place where I can buy clothes. Not in Kuji, anyway. In my next blog post, I'll write about shopping in Tokyo, which is a totally different world.

By the way, I'm a member of the Universe. :) I have a card to prove it!

(I had to end with one last "Universe joke"; the puns are endless...the sky's the limit, haha.)


Kiley said...

Oh, Dana. I wish that I could sometime be in the same Universe as you. Wouldn't that be fun? But, your Universe is so far away that I will probably never be able to travel so far! Love ya!

lauren said...

I can't believe that I am not the first one to post on your blog :( oh well. You are correct that universe is a crazy name for a store!
Love you!

Renee said...

I'm glad to know other people have that much fun in grocery stores. I went to my first Trader Joe's last weekend. It was an experience. If you're ever near Cincinnati, you should go to Jungle Jim's. THAT is a different universe! :)