Tuesday, October 28, 2008

It's beginning to feel a lot like Christmas...

...and it's not even Halloween quite yet! (Reminds me of stores in America, haha)

It's downright cold outside today. I turned the heat on in my car, which I have yet to do in my apartment, and drove to Yamane. On the way, I saw a sign that indicated the temperature -- a whopping six degrees!

Of course that's degrees Celsius, not Fahrenheit, but still; just seeing that little six made me want to shiver. (I just looked it up on a handy Celsius/Fahrenheit converter site, and it turns out that 6 degrees C is 42.8 degrees F, which doesn't seem all that cold until you think about it as being only 10.8 above FREEZING.) Anyway, it's the biting wind that really gets you.

While the sudden temperature drop has made me think about winter (brrrr), the last two days have reminded me of Christmas because I've received a couple of very nice gifts!

The first is this bike...

I found it outside of my door with a note (like a present tag) that said the bike was for me, from Kenji. It used to be his daughter's, but it's mine to use now since she doesn't live in Kuji anymore. I've been borrowing Liz's bike recently, so I'm sure Liz is just as happy as I am that I have my own bike.

The timing of this gift is a little off since I don't enjoy cold air smacking me in the face, but I'm still very appreciative! It amazes me how many people I've seen riding their bikes along the street today, despite the wind.

And to tell you about the other gifts, you have to know something first....

I joined a Japanese dance team!!

I saw them perform a couple of weeks ago and loved what I saw! Plus, they looked like they were having so much fun. So with Sean interpreting, I asked if I could join their group. I was accepted with open arms! Here's a picture of my dance team performing. :)

Last night was my second dance practice (it's every Tuesday), and I really felt like part of the group because I was given my very own pair of "clappers." I don't know what the actual name of them is, but "clappers" is the best I can come up with. One of the members then placed a necklace with mini "clappers" around my neck, so I guess I'm an official dance team member now. Yay!

Here is the "clapper gift set." I'm ready to get my groove on...


Dawn said...

I bet coming out of your apartment and seeing the bike for you made your day - it's a really nice present. I bet you'll definitely get use out of it in the spring.

Hope you have a lot of fun on the dance team - it looks like fun. I don't think I get yet what the clappers are for but I'm sure someone will post here and tell me - LOL.

Here's a bit of info for you. I just used your converter thing - it's .55 degrees Celsius here as I'm replying here.

Lauren said...

I am glad that you have joined the dance team and are accepted. That is right up your alley! I hope you get some used out of that bike which I am sure you will!
Love you!