Tuesday, October 14, 2008

The squid saga continues

I'm starting to think that maybe I could be a contestant on Fear Factor! (You know -- the reality T.V. show that requires brave contestants to eat bizarre things.)

But according to my Japanese friend Kenji, I definitely qualify to join "The Japanese People Society." :) This is because I ate raw squid dipped in squid guts (eeps!), just like Japanese people do.

And the crazy thing is, I really liked it!

I know, I know, you'd think I'd be done with squid since I had a bad experience with the one I boiled in my apartment. But I thought it deserved another chance, especially since it was prepared differently this time.

This squid was lying on a bed of ice, situated next to other sea creatures that had their eyes still intact. Yipes! They'll be staring at me during the whole meal as I sit at this counter right in front of them, eating one of their "friends." Ummm...I did not know this would be the case when I agreed to come to this seafood restaurant!

First, Kenji dared me just to touch the slimy creature. After he put his finger on the squid's eyeball, I decided that it was safe for me to do that, too...

Ok, so far so good. Challenge number two is to actually put it in my mouth and swallow! Kenji agrees to eat the squid if I don't like it, so why not give it a try? I have nothing to lose -- other than maybe the snack I had a couple of hours earlier!

Step 1: The cook picks out my soon-to-be dinner. Keep in mind, this is all happening right in front of me!

Step 2: Off with its head! (This will be smashed and made into a dipping sauce...yum.)

Step 3: Peel off the skin and then slice the meat.

And finally, the finished product! It looks a lot more appetizing than it did at first, huh? I find it easier to eat things that don't have eyes!

To my surprise, I've learned that I'm a fan of this Japanese delicacy. Now that I've "conquered" the squid, I must secure my place in "The Japanese People Society" -- so it's time for challenge number three -- to face my fear and eat an entire little fish, head and all! And yes, that includes the eyes. *Gulp.*

Ok, here it goes...(head first)...

Well, who woulda thought? I like this, too!

It turned out to be a fun dining experience, although I wasn't so sure about the place at first. I found some new foods that I like; I made a new friend (the woman below, who owns the restaurant and kept laughing about my squeamishness!); and I became a member of a "society." Kenji also said that I am the only ALT in Kuji history with the guts (hehe) to try raw squid with the special dip. Fear Factor, here I come!


Oliver said...

Ahh I would eat that with no hesitation! I want to go!

Dawn said...

Well, I'm glad you liked the food - LOL - and I'm extremely glad I didn't have to eat it. Here's hoping you hold the record of being the only one to try it - the sight of it almost made me sick - LOL.

lauren said...

That all looks yummy! NOT! I was telling my grandma the other day about all the things you have tried and she was very proud of you!! As am I!
Love you!

Wendy City said...

omg! haha squid. I love it! I had planned to do a blog like this - I documented David doing the same things...peeling the skin. ew!

The skeleton is freaky!

The Princess said...

Cheers Girlfriend, I'm so proud of you! I love seeing those expressions of yours. You are so entertaining and cute, as usual ;-)