Saturday, September 25, 2010

Down in Dublin

This is Jarlath, and due to Dana's blog entry being lost on upload, I'm your guest blogger.

So here's gonna be as blunt as a plastic spoon in a knife fight!

This is a picture of Dublin's coloured doors (I know...there is a "u" in colour!).

This is me touching hot pillars...I like to do in my spare time - really it's the General Post Office (GPO) in Dublin where the famous Easter Rising took place in 1916, and that's a bullet hole from then.

23rd September was Arthur's Day, dedicated to the founder of Guinness, Arthur Guinness. The company hosted a series of concerts around the city and parts of the world via TV link up to mark the event. As the company was founded in 1759, everyone in the audience and on stage toasted "To Arthur" at 17:59 to honour him - oh there's a 'u' in honour, too...hehe!

The famous comedian/TV presenter Patrick Kielty with the band aptly called The Hoosiers who we listened to and enjoyed.

This is inside a wee church dedicated to St. Augustine & St. John's which was opposite the concert we went to.

This is Dana jumping for joy at Dublin's Hall of fame --amazingly this was one take!

Dublin's cobbled streets --watch yer heels!

Some boy out on a day release programme chatting madness...

...and then two more day releasers with Molly Malone - She wheeled her wheel barrow, through Streets broad and narrow, crying cockles and mussels, alive-alive-ohhh!

A big game of Monopoly in Dublin!

A wee bit of culture at Trinity College where we saw the famous Celtic artwork 'The Book of Kells'. It ornately displays in Latin the four Gospels.

A big sign for a wee magical place that we never got to see for it was sold out. :(

But as luck would have it, sure didn't we meet one of the wee buoyos in the street looking for gold - although he was not so wee as he was bigger than Dana!

Eating sushi with Takai. Takai is living in Ireland for one year and learning English (haha...with an Irish accent!).

The Irish President's Residence...very easy to find...haha...I would have never have guessed that the beacon of Irish democracy is beside the zoo!!!

That's about it and sums up our visit to Dublin. I hope you enjoyed it. ;)


Lannie said...

Ugh, nothing worst than losing a post. Ms. Malone obvious sold a lot of sea food due to here excellent marketing--a low cut dress. My university in Canada had a replica of the Book of Kells in the library. That poor Japanese boy. He will be so disappointed when he realizes that people from other English-speaking countries can't understand Irish people!

lkillebrew said...

Thank you Garlath for the post. I fondly remember the two days in Dublin at the end of my 10 day trek through the British Isles. We were so tired that we did not see much of the city, esp. Dublin Castle and the Book of Kells. I remember Molly Malone and loved the song as a child. I have a bronze statue of her atop conemera marble. I purchased my celtic cross in one of the shops on the cobblestone street. I have been accepted to a writing workshop with Irene Graham in June at Markree Castle, Co.Sligo. It is the tromping grounds of W.B. Yeats. Garlath can you give me any other information on the location? I need to fill out my Lily Grant forms and say some prayers. I will be so excited to explore areas unseen since my last trip and further discover my ancestry. I look forward to reading about your next adventures.

Lauren said...


This reminds me when Jennifer and I were guest blog writers! Jarlath did a great job! It looks like you both are having a great time!!!