Saturday, May 15, 2010

Let's go! Let's go!

This morning I went to Okawame Junior High's Sports Day, where there was a lot of school spirit(s)...

The red team and white team competed in all kinds of different relay races and fun events.

Such as this "spin around the bat a few times before running" relay.

However, the real action was in the cheering sections! Both teams had great support, but I must say that I'm biased toward the white team. They saw that I was wearing a white shirt underneath my jacket, and they invited me to cheer with them. :) (I guess I should have put on some red, too, when I got dressed this morning, but I didn't think about it.)

Fellow white team cheerleaders.

"Shiro" is Japanese for "white." So one of the cheers they (we) did was, "Let's go, Shiro!!"

Cheering with fans instead of pom poms. (which came into play later on)

Here's a video of some spirited cheering...

This is Hanoko, my pom pom buddy. I love this girl! I worked with her last fall when she competed in the English speech contest, and she's greeted me with hugs ever since. :)

Although it was windy out, it was nice and sunny -- for the first time this week! So it was a good day to have an outdoor event. I biked to and from Okawame, and on the way back took a bunch of pictures of the countryside. I posted them as "Spring in Rural Japan," which you can find under "My Photos" on the right side.

Well, time for me to go! (Go!) :)

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Anonymous said...

aaah!This is so natsukashi! I had forgotten that this month was undokai season!