Friday, February 19, 2010

"Under the sea..."

I'd heard a lot about the nice aquarium in Kuji, but surprisingly had never visited in the past year and a half that Kuji has been my home.

So I fixed this on Sunday afternoon and had a lovely little Valentine's Day date with Jarlath (and a bunch of fish).

The fish tank in the lobby was decorated for the holiday. And as soon as we walked in, we were given little bags of chocolates as a present. Cute! Plus, there weren't many other people at the aquarium, so it was definitely a good day to visit.

We started by watching a charming little video in Japanese. I didn't understand most of it. Then we took our time meandering the halls, looking at the variety of sea creatures. I couldn't do much more than look at them since all of the descriptions were written only in Japanese.

So I took several pictures of the interesting fish...

...and managed to capture my reflection in this one. :)

...and my hand in this one. This was a special tank where you could reach in and touch the fish. But they steered clear from my phalanges. :( (Tomoki, you should be proud. I used "phalanges" in a sentence.)

This picture cracks me up. "Swim to the light, turtle, swim to the light!" But the light is just the flash from my camera. Tricky.

Peculiar Polka Dot fish in front of Big Bubba fish.
(Please note: These are not their scientific names, haha.)

A walk through the tank tunnel...

The "upside-down jellyfish" looked more like sideways jellyfish to me.

Near the upside-down jellyfish were fish going every which way...swimming together in one big knot!

In addition to several tanks and exhibits, there was what looked like a giant Nemo (as in the clown fish from the Disney movie Finding Nemo) that you could walk through...

I have several photos of fish, but where's Jarlath??

Inside the giant clown fish, clownin' around. :)

And on the way out of the aquarium, he placed his face in the mouth of an octopus...

Overall, it was a light-hearted Valentine's Day afternoon at the aquarium and lots of fin...err, fun!

* * *
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Lauren said...

This looks like a ver fun place! Whey didn't we go there when we were there? Oh wait! We went everywhere else!

Lannie said...

I'm glad you dressed up for the occasion. ;) I LOOOOOVE aquariums. I will come to Kuji and put this on my to do list.