Tuesday, February 23, 2010

English made fun again

For elementary school students, learning English really is all fun and games. (as you've probably deduced from my blog posts)

This isn't the case for junior and senior high students, who have to do homework and study for quizzes and tests.

But over the weekend, twenty-five senior high students voluntarily went to "English Camp 2010 in Kunohe" (as the posters advertising the event called it), where they got to let loose, enjoy games and activities, and get some extra English practice.

Although I wasn't involved in any of the planning--like a few of my fellow English teacher friends were--I helped by being scorekeeper for the activities and helping oversee the event.

Right before lunch time, (a wonderful, Western-style lunch served with silverware!) I helped by being in a skit where I demonstrated bad table manners. As I was awkwardly holding my fork and knife, a newspaper photographer snapped this picture...

...and put it in the newspaper with a caption that doesn't mention that I'm demonstrating bad manners. Haha, oh well.

One of the most popular activities of the day was acting out famous movie scenes in English.

One of the 12 teams, acting out a scene from Back to the Future. The audience had to grade each performance.

Other activities included: an intense game of ultimate Frisbee, a fashion presentation, and several different games.

In this game, the students listened to the song "Can't Take My Eyes Off You" and had to fill in the blanks of the missing lyrics.

On Saturday evening, at the end of "camp," the first, second and third place winners were announced at a closing ceremony. And then a big group shot was taken...

I'm glad that I could be involved in all the fun. I enjoyed working with senior high school students for once, and I had a really great time.

Judging from the all the smiles I saw and the text messages I got from the girls I exchanged contact info with, the students had a lot of fun, too.

In fact, one girl wrote that she had "a flaming good time!" Haha :)


Lauren said...

You even had a better time because Jarlth was with you lol!!! It looks, and sounds like everyone had a great time!!

Dawn said...

You have bad table manners? Never haha.

Pearson said...

Hi Dana,

I'm a Brit who's just been informed he's been placed as an ALT in Kuji starting next month (working for Interac at 2 high schools). Your blog makes me think I've been pretty lucky :o)

The place looks lovely and you sound like you've been having a blast. I hope I have even half as good a time! I'll be arriving near the end of March, is there anything you'd recommend I bring that you wish you'd brought? Any other tips much, much appreciated too!

All the best