Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Part 3: Malaysia

We spent our first day in Kuala Lumpur sightseeing -- starting with Batu Caves, outside the city.

Standing in front of the world's tallest statue of Murugan, a Hindu god, just outside of the caves.

The cave is home to one of the most popular Hindu shrines outside of India, so we saw lots of Indian people there worshiping. Climbing up the 270 steps leading up to the cave was a good morning workout!

Our attempt to get all three of us and the vaulted ceiling in one picture.

After the caves, we went to a history museum, where we saw the world's oldest Quran...

From just about anywhere in Kuala Lumpur, you can see the Petronas Twin Towers. From 1998 to 2004, they were the largest structure in the world; they are still the world's tallest twin buildings. Tourists can only go as high up as the sky bridge connecting the towers, which is about half-way up.

Jarlath and the towers (and a few leaves at the top of the picture)

In the middle of the sky bridge

The view looking down...

...and the view looking up. :) The towers are beautifully illuminated at night.

At the base of the towers is a gorgeous, modern 5-story mall, with many American and European stores and restaurants. Being in the mall really felt like being back in America! We spent quite a bit of time there. Kristen said she could spend days just eating her way around the mall, haha. I second that. :)

During one rainy afternoon, we saw the movie Avatar at the mall's cinema for only $4! (about 11 Malaysian ringgit.) By the way, I definitely recommend Avatar, and I hear it's even more awesome in 3D.

So happy to eat a fantastic BBQ chicken pizza at California Pizza Kitchen. :D

After walking around the mall with us gals, poor Jarlath needed a boost...

So that's what he got. :)

After four days of city life in Kuala Lumpur, we ventured to Vietnam for some rest and relaxation at the beach...

~To be continued. Again.~


Lauren said...

Those pictures are awesome!!! I would love to visit there someday! The food looks very good as well!

Tina said...

Oh Dana, your adventures are so much fun to read about!SO many exciting places you've been, and things you've done. I laughed out loud at the photos of Jar, being in a mall with girls must be such hard work :p